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Preventing Needle Injuries

Preventing Needle Injuries
  • Fiona Collins
  • Jan 17, 2013

Recent reports have highlighted the importance of adhering to the requirement for single-use, disposable needles to protect patients. It is equally important for the dental healthcare worked to take measures to avoid sharps injuries resulting from puncture wounds from used needles. The CDC guidelines for safe injection practices provide clear information on safe injection practices, while OSHA regulates occupational safety in the workplace. With respect to needlestick injuries, OSHA requires that employers consider the use of safety devices. Care during needle recapping and an appropriate technique help prevent needlestick injuries. The single-scoop technique, whereby the needle cap is scooped up over the used needle without first using a hand to hold the cap, avoids the potential for contact with the needle by having the cap over the needle before it is secured into position. Other options include safety devices that in effect shield the needle while the cap is being repositioned over it. Safe needle recapping is essential to help prevent percutaneous injuries.  

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