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Expert Answers


  • Can I leave the bur in the handpiece for sterilization?


    The bur must be removed from the handpiece when preparing this prior to packaging and sterilization. The bur must also be cleaned and sterilized, separately from the handpiece.

  • Is it acceptable for me to use clean medical gloves while cleaning the operatory after the patient leaves and bringing the instruments to the sterilizing area?


    Heavy-duty utility gloves are required for operatory clean-up and for the transportation of instruments to the instrument processing/sterilizing area. This reduces the risk of injury.

  • Can I cold-sterilize handpieces?


    No. All handpieces must be autoclaved.

  • How often do we need to do a spore test?


    A sport test (biological indicator test) must be performed at least weekly, and every time an implantable device is being sterilized.

  • What is a Class II chemical indicator used for?


    The Class II chemical indicator is used only for dynamic-air removal autoclaves. It should be used at the start of every day in the empty autoclave.

  • How long would it take to sterilize instruments in 7.5% hydrogen peroxide?


    This takes 6 hours of immersion.