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Infection Prevention in Dental Radiography

Infection Prevention in Dental Radiography : Introduction
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Dental healthcare workers must always follow standard precautions and utilize appropriate infection control protocols to prevent cross-contamination and the transmission of disease. The chain of infection requires that sufficient levels of a pathogen are present to cause disease, that there is a source or reservoir for that pathogen, that a mode of transmission and entry portal are present, and that the host is susceptible. The ability to implement infection prevention protocols is an essential attribute for dental radiography equipment, accessories, and supplies.

The basic elements of the infection prevention cycle necessary to break the chain of infection are the same for dental radiography as for other dental procedures and can be broken down into distinct phases – i.e., those steps taken before, during, and after patient care. As with other procedures, the dental healthcare worker must perform hand hygiene and wear medical gloves, as well as other personal protection equipment as required (mask, protective eyewear and clinical clothing). All staff must be trained in infection prevention procedures and offices must be OSHA-compliant. The sections contained within the attached PDF address the infection prevention protocol specifically as it relates to dental radiography.

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